About Us

Vnear is a partnership firm founded by Mr. Ronak Thole and Mr. Rohit Bakliwal. Vnear is the in-house manufacturer of Nature Club plywood, flush doors and Nature Teak Veneers. With well-qualified personnel and equipment Vnear is located in Aurangabad. Vnear has initiated major product development trends in the market and has striven towards building a sustainable level of customer delight through its brands, products, redistribution and marketing strengths. Mr. Rohit Bakliwal is also running Sumit Interior Needs from 8 years in Hyderabad. Our Product range includes plywood, laminates, highlighters, decors, flush doors and Veneers.

We gaurantee that when you specify our products you are satisfied with the best quality materials available and a long-term commitment to customer service - which continues for a long period after you have made your purchase. Because Vnear is discovering the public necessities and in delivering a satisfied product range with the dedicated input from the skilled production team. At Vnear, we ensure the best quality products are provided to our customers by meticulously selecting the vendors and continuously evaluating them to ensure minimal defects. Our team of industry experts and domain specialist ensure the products delivered are of best in class quality.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide utmost satisfaction to our customers by offering them superior quality products at competitive prices. We believe in team effort so we make it a point to provide a positive, harmonious and ethical working environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to successfully carve a niche for our company in the plywood industry and to be the most admired store engaged in providing its consumers a wide array of interior and exterior infrastructure products.

Why Choose Us

We are the best seller of plywood in Auranagabad. We have unique collection of almost all the best quality plywoods, laminates, highlighters and veneers. Our products are durable and affordable in prices.

Our Products


Nature Teak Veneer

Natural Teak is known for its durability and water-resistant nature and more often used in making furniture. It’s thickness is 4MM. When you think about using teak wood for the interior of your house, no need to worry about power wash, paint, sand or stain as it lasts for a long time without the need of maintenance. You just simply have to wipe the furniture with a soft cloth or spray water and then clean it.

Greenlam Decowood Veneer

Decowood from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. introduced a new range of premium veneers called ‘Distressed Collection’. In the era of modernistic approaches, homes should be made to look contemporary and artistic. In lieu of these approaches, furniture crafted in its natural colour enhances interiors to give it a warm and cosy feel. Raw textures are versatile and look attractive; the old yet new look of ‘distressed’ comes in its finest worn out look. With its rustic and rugged, yet sophisticated character, it also incorporates the feeling of outdoor right in the comforts of home. It highlights distressed wood finish and organic patterns that bring a sense of tranquillity in the atmosphere.

Greenply Blackforest Veneer

Black Forest Veneers are an exotic range of dark veneers sourced specially from the pyimana province of Myanmar, which yields unique dark grains. The Black forest veneers are further processed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to give them an exotic look which is dark, deep & divine. Black forest veneers are a natural alternative to walnut, Sukupira, Ebony, Wenge and other expensive natural veneers which come in exotic dark shades that are much in vogue today. These forest inspired captivating variants are available in light, medium and dark shades, with linear, flowery, exotic and Mix & Match grain patterns.

Greenply Naturemax Veneers

Greenply Industries Limited introduces Naturemax, an exquisite range of decorative veneers for connoisseurs of refined taste. An assortment of more than hundred exotic wood species, Naturemax Decorative Veneers, has been exclusively hand-picked from all over the world. The range imparts timelessness of wood décor to living spaces. A perfect reflection of aesthetics, natural value, durability and pro-environment sensitivity, Naturemax Decorative Veneers is for those who revel in making distinctiveness, a statement of living.


Walnut Wood Veneer has a nice grain with some beautiful cathedrals. Walnut Veneer has been a standard in furniture and panel manufacturing as well as the standard for gun stocks for many years. Its uses cover everything from boat building to musical instruments. Walnut Veneer is a uniform brown tone and is reasonably priced similar to that of maple and cherry. It has become one of the most popular veneers.


Mahogany veneer generally refers to a thin slice of mahogany wood that is attached to the surfaces of core panels. Mahogany Wood Veneer has a beautiful grain with nice cathedrals. It is an extremely used and known veneer. From cabinets to automobile manufacturing, this veneer is one of the most popular worldwide.


Oak Veneer provides high-quality looks, but without the need for large amounts of expensive wood, the result is more affordable. Intricate designs can be etched into veneer. This means you have a wider choice when it comes to customising the appearance of your door. Oak veneer isn’t prone to splits along the grain, which can be caused by changes in climate. And with the unpredictable weather, that can be a huge blessing!

Laura Petro

Laura Petro is natural veneer. Species sourced from all over the globe go through fuming process to create widest available range of fumed veneers. Laura Petro Veneers are put through highly sophisticated fuming process to derive consistent output. It is mostly used for table top cupboards and gives great finishing. Laura Petro Veneers made from the best of the wood logs handpicked from around the globe.


Bocote is a gorgeous wood from Mexico and, despite displaying a wonderful contrast of cream-colored and black bands, still remains under the radar of most woodworkers. Bocote Veneer is fine quality, has smooth surface, and reasonable in price.

Mix n Match Veneer

Outstanding mix ‘n’ match of same species of veneer often awakens you imagination & stirs up the creativity that first drew us to woodworking. Opex veneers specializes in helping create interiors that are very personal. We go beyond the boundaries of defined "Style" to create looks that are unique to your lifestyle. By combining the old with the new, the modern with the traditional, the bold with the understated in interesting ways - using sound design principles to tie it all together - We transform spaces from HO-HUM to fabulously inspiring.

Quarter Veneer

The quarter log is mounted on the flitch table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximately right angles, producing a series of stripes. These stripes vary in width from species to species. A natural distribution of ray flake is a characteristic of this cut in red and white oak.

Macassar Ebony Veneer

Macassar ebony is one of the most desirable, classic, and exotic wood veneers available. This type of ebony is getting hard to find with a reasonable price but we've done our best to make these veneer sheets as affordable as possible. Macassar Ebony Veneer has the beautiful tones of the wood with a straighter grain. Its uses range from musical instruments to tool handles. Its unusual grain makes it difficult to get multiple sheets to match. If you are looking for sequenced sheets, please choose the Premium option.

Book Match Veneer

The most commonly used match in the industry. Every other piece of veneer is turned over so adjacent pieces are opened like two adjacent pages in a book. The veneer joints match and create a mirrored image pattern at the joint line, yielding a maximum continuity of grain. Book matching is used with flat cut, quarter, rift or rotary cut veneer. This is the standard method. The various veneer strips are joined together in mirror-image pairs. This means that each strip is the reflection of the previous one. This technique lets you see perfectly how the log was handled.

Crown Veneer

Crown veneers are made by slicing wood parallel to the growth rings. This type of crown cutting is used for giving effects with crown cuts. Depending on the growth of the tree this crown may be quite uniform, when it is often known as a “cathedral crown”.

Dyed Veneer

This veneer provides an immense range to work for designers. The choice of colors are predetermined. The dyeing is pressurized across the whole veneer and not just the surface. The Dyed veneer has dazzling figures in colors and appears marvellous.

Digital Veneer

Our wood veneer products can be printed using offset, digital, flexo, screen printing processes and can be die-cut, embossed, foiled, scored, folded, laser cut / laser etched, stapled and sewn just like paper.

Available Sizes : 8X4


Folder Laminates


Gravito bring to you an amazing collection of laminates that will instantly pull you towords itself. It's an attraction you will not be able to resist. It is Affordable in price, has different colors and perfect in finish. Gravito is driven by passion to deliver best in quality to its customers.

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Among the world’s top three producer of laminates, Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence. Greenlam have a production capacity of 12.2 million sheets every year, ensured that superior quality products are available to you.

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Merino showcase a range of world class, premium laminates with more than 10,000 designs, textures, colours and finishes. Complementary products from the Merino Group include plywood, melamine-faced particle board & MDF board, and post-formed panels for the interiors industry.

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Airolam manufactures decorative laminated sheets including post form laminates used for surface applications made from 100% imported design paper. Products find applications in kitchen furniture, workshops, bathroom furniture, interior doors, counter tops and interior wall linings

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Antique Laminate Sheet is the mainstay of the Antique Laminate family. This thick, versatile, self - supporting panel is suitable for a variety of internal applications and is ideal for use in public and leisure spaces, as well as furniture requiring design durability.

New Mika

New Mika is heralded as the new age laminate in India with an assortment of the latest patterns and textures, living by its promise to keep you in sync with the trend. Bringing to you the best in decorative laminates, the New Mika range is synonymous with style.

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Virgo general purpose laminates are made of specially selected decorative papers & absorbent Kraft paper. Virgo general purpose laminates are resistant to stains and boiling water. It is available in almost 400 different designs, 32 different finishes.

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Strong personality. Solid colors. Stunning textures. Croma creates wonderful memories in spaces by offering trend setters to classics in Decorative Laminates. These Wood Laminates are made in accordance with the latest industry standards to meet exact demands of our clients.

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Century lam

Century Laminates is a product from the house of CenturyPly. Century Laminates uses a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion. Century Laminate's exotic range of decorative laminates is characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates.

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Vir Laminate

Vir Laminates, a brand of Rushil Decor Limited, dominates the market with an extensive product range, for decorative laminates for home and commercial use. Having a stake in the laminates industry since 1993, it has been a leader in the manufacturing of Laminate Sheets and complimentary products for more than two decades.

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PVC / Acrylic Laminates


Treelam is a Mumbai based company providing a very highly premium and excellent quality range of design cutting on PVC High Gloss Laminate, Foil Exclusive Fabric Laminate, Soft Touch Laminate, Core Matt Laminate, Core gloss Laminate, Foil PVC Laminate, Acrylic Laminate, Exclusive Multi Mirror sheet etc.

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Ciscon has its own identity which has been created by serving the domestic market with numerous decorative & quality products. Ciscon provides products like – Acrylic laminates, ACP mosaics, wooden mosaics, 3D Acrylic edge bands, PVC laminates, Charcoal panel(charcoalic), Acrycol, Marbolite, Flush door .

Berga Studio

Berga is today one of the renowned brand for decorative laminates. Berga brings you an exquisite collection of eco-friendly laminates in mesmerising colours, textures and patterns inspired out of a chic and upscale sense of style. Laminates of Berga can be used as the complete interior solutions for your home and offices.

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Spell PVC Laminates

Spell PVC Laminates have come up with thousands of different colors, designs, surface finishing and formats. Laminates is the ideal deco product, endless colors and style possibilities, easy to install, easy to maintain and affordable. It gives the versatility to create distinctive styles and ultimate interior experience whether at home or in commercial premise.


Euro Pratik is an innovative designer and importer of products ,with an objective of creating world-class interior & exterior environment. Euro Pratik have Acrylam highloss panels with series of 3400, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900, Acrylam Tuff and anti-scratch.

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Other than folder laminates we have more than 500 sheets display of exclusive laminates. These laminates are high end products. Imported European, German and spain countries are in good quality.

PVC Lam -900 Laminates

PVC Lam 90°comes with specification like anti-scratch, water resistant, anti borer, anti termite. With 90° bend laminates you can simply bend the laminates and give your interiors a stylish & adorable looks.

Acrylic Lam Laminates

These are bold and stylish acrylic sheet products that offer unique designing possibilities. Acrylic sheets offer the appearance of back painted glass without the weight. Also, It does not leave behind horrible smell which is faced when we use duco paint & have no disadvantage of breaking like core.

Color Core PVC Laminates

All colour core laminates are made out of layers of same or matching colour throughout the thickness of the laminate. Colour Core laminates are used to avoid the black colour seams which appears on the edges/joints of the normal laminates. It is used to give an even and consistent look to the surface and the edges. Wide range of colour choice is available for giving fancy and optical bright looks. The colour core sheets are used to make table, desk, counter tops, drawers, cabinet front’s etc. which are designed to be made without using moldings along the edges.

Fabric Laminates

Fabric laminats are unique designs and patterns that will surely give a different look to your house interior. It is good in finish and water-resistent, anti borer and anti termite.

Rustic Laminates

The key element of rustic decor is that it is constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue. Rustic fixtures, furnishings, architectural elements and textiles may consist of wood, stone, bamboo, rattan, sisal, nubby cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and various types of metal. It has textures for everyone, all for affordable prices and with outstanding durability.

Available Sizes : 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm


Nature Club

Nature Club Platinum Plywood

It finds applications in partition and paneling, ceilings in public room and corridors, floor underlayment, computer rooms furniture, bus bodies, railway coaches, milk booths, sign boards, insert in panel doors and storage racks

Nature Club Gold Plywood

This plywood finds its applications in all areas including high quality interiors, exteriors and furniture works because of being exterior grade and suitable for all the weather conditions.

Nature Club Silver Plywood

Nature Teak Plywood is anti borer, water resistance, and anti termite. It is high quality plywood finds its application in all area of interiors and furniture work.

Greenply Optima

Green Optima Grade BWP Plywood

Green Optima Boiling water proof plywoods are high quality plywoods that are used for interiors & exteriors where there is high interaction with water.

Greenply Optima MR Plywood

Greenply Optima MR plywood is moisture, termite and borer resistant and is eco-friendly. The product is suitable for dry climate zones. It is ideal for panel inserts in panel doors, partitions, paneling, cabins, false ceilings.

Green Optima Silver Plywood

Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF (Standard) is recommended for interior applications which may include: kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving, wall lining (if installed wth a suitable feature joining system) and mouldings.

Available Sizes : 19mm, 12mm, 8mm, 6mm, 4mm


Designer Charcoal

Designer charcoal wall panels in various textures, patterns, styles & colors. The layered material gives an embossed structure to the surface. It gives luxury look to home, offices.

Designer MDF

Find a full range of designer MDF panels that will make you instantly fall in love with your home. We have all types of grill panels, embossed MDF, color bricks and many unique patterns and colors.

Charcoal Ceiling

Charcoal Ceiling can be tied together with other black things and create a unified look. It can be hard distinguishing one space from another within an open floor plan. A charcoal ceiling can do the trick, without the hassle of room dividers.

MDF Grill

MDF Grill Boards is a interior decoration material with 3D effects. It is fashionable, novel and stereoscopic. It is beast for vertical applications such as walls, furniture, ceiling, pillars etc. It can be used for any decorative project be it residence, office, restaurant, film studios or showrooms.

Charcoal Mouldings

Charcoal Mouldings are decorative products that are used in designing upscale residential and commercial projects. This product is environment friendly, can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Available Sizes : 8X2, 8X4, 8'X6"


Wood Art

Art Wood are fresh highlighter pieces made out of wood. The uses of Wood Art are well accepted for columns, ceilings, furniture & doors.

Coco art

Coco Art is the processed stem fibre of the coconut palm. Emphasise any part of your home with an exotic and attractive coco art highlighter.


Shell are luxurious, unique textures, natural veining and pearlescent magnificence of each individual piece of Shell is captured.

Wood mosaic

Wood Mosaic are durable and practical, they are unchallenged as feature wall material or simple accent details at home, in the office, restaurant, shop or a hotel.

Metal Mosaic

Metal Mosaic are perfectly suited to your home, offices, restaurants. The reflective surface of Metal Mosaic will bring more light in to a dark room and make compact areas look larger.

Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic are colored throughout unlike ceramic tile, which have only a surface color glaze. Glass Mosaic can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, dressing areas, restaurants, showrooms etc.

Antique Wood and Metal

Antique wood and metal can be used for indoor wall background, TV wall, entrance, corridors, etc. It is beautiful and it can protect the wall. It can expand the sense of space, highlighting the artistic and cultural tastes.


Pebble Mosaic Collection is based on a unique process by which smooth stone / Shell Pebbles are cast in a clear resin and formed into beautiful tiles and slab.


Crystals are made from crystal glass. These products have the feature of color variety and varying sizes, shapes such as square, rectangle, round, ellipse, vaulted, etc.

Available Sizes : 1X1 , 4X2, 8X2, 2X2

Flush doors

Pine wood

Our Pine Wood Flush Doors are highly admired by the clients for their attractive design and perfect polishing. Our craftsmen are expert in designing Pine Wood Flush Doors as per the specifications provided by the clients.


We provide premium quality Hardwood Flush Doors made using high grade hardwood timber. Our Hardwood Flush Doors are perfectly framed and is finger jointed which adds to their strength and durability.


These doors are laminated with high-presure laminate sheet of 1mm. Laminate doors are available in broad range of design options, using high quality laminate sheet for zero maintenance and long life.


At Venear Fireproof Door our hollow metal doors are made of the highest quality open-hearth, cold-rolled, pickled, patent-leveled sheet steel. Every door is engineered to meet or exceed the architectural requirements for full flush doors.

Available Sizes: All customized sizes are available.

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